laser hair removal with diode technology.

Our LightSheer Duet with Diode technology is the GOLD STANDARD in laser hair removal.

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Laser Hair Removal

Our LightSheer Duet with Diode technology is known as the GOLD STANDARD in laser hair removal. In addition, it is the only laser with unique and dedicated technology for pain reduction, enhanced efficiency and safety.


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Escape from the pressures of everyday life with one of our spa treatments such as advanced facials, medical facials, face and body contour, makeup application and more!


“Do something today that your future self will thank you for.”  – Sean Patrick Flanery

We are located at 17 Baldwin Street North, Unit 110, Brooklin, Ontario. When you require hair removal, massage or skin treatments it’s important to find a spa or clinic that has your best interests in mind. We are committed to providing a selection of services to our guests using the state-of-the-art equipment and premium spa products. Our trained and qualified aestheticians can assist you with a variety of treatments including laser hair removal, eyelash extensions, body contour, waxing and tinting, cryotherapy, hair re-growth, non-registered massage, medical facials, cosmetic teeth whitening, and more! 

Our mission is to offer our guests an outstanding level of service and care, which is why we are certain you will be delighted with the results. With over a decade of experience delivering the best results for our guests, we provide you with the peace of mind knowing that you are being looked after by the best in the business.

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Headshot of our Medical aesthetician, Kimberly



Kimberly graduated Medical Aesthetics with honours from Centennial College. Her passion for the industry has led her towards advanced certifications in laser hair removal and IPL, makeup artistry, body and massage therapies, brow waxing and shaping, microdermabrasion, photobiostimulation, micro current lifting, vasculyse thermocoagulation, silk peel dermalinfusion, low level coherent light and ultrasound, ultrasonic fat cavitation and RMD structural remodelling systems along with licensing in cosmetic ingredients and hairstyling. This combination gives her a strong foundation and working application in full body, face to toe Laser Hair Removal including hair and follicle structure and density.

Kimberly has attended and participated in multiple skincare seminars while continuing to stay up to date with the latest skincare products and face/body treatments. Her love and knowledge of both the skincare and hair industries ensure her guests feel at ease while in her company. Her ability to actively listen to their unique needs while visually assessing their specific skin type allows her to then explain and suggest a treatment plan with options to fit their budget.

Kimberly’s favourite successes in being a medical aesthetician is making her guests feel confident in their skin. She intrinsically believes in making each guest experience relaxing with results that make them look and feel self-assertive and, well, simply amazing!

Nicole at Brooklin Laser Hair Removal Clinic and Spa



Nicole began her training as an esthetician over 12 years ago. She has a deep passion for making women feel beautiful and confident in their skin. She has the knowledge and experience to make women and men of all ages feel their best.  

She holds certifications in BARBICIDE® brow waxing/shaping, lash lift and tint, anti-aging facial treatments and cosmetic teeth whitening.

Nicole is known for her bubbly spirit and kind character. You’ll know who she is, the minute you meet her. Her many years of hands-on experience as a trusted esthetician makes her ability to get you a perfect brow for your eye shape, or can make you comfortable and relaxed during what can be a nerve-wracking first wax.

NICOLE: “I love my job and the people I meet every day. My favourite part of the service is seeing a smile from a guest — the look of feeling pampered when I have finished a procedure is the best ever. I also love everything and anything, ‘skincare’ so I do my best to educate, giving little tips and sharing my tricks for healthy skin.”

Tiffanie Wyer



Tiffanie graduated Centennial College with a two-year aesthetics diploma and holds accreditation in the Beauty Specialist Certification and BARBICIDE® Certificate Programs. She has over eleven years of expertise including six as a Medical Aesthetician and a teacher assistant at Centennial College. Her background in education enables her to connect with guests and teach them about the ‘why’s’ of their skin and ‘how’s’ to prevent further damage. Tiffanie holds certifications in body therapies, advanced microdermabrasion, photo bio-stimulation, low lever coherent light and ultrasound, thermocoagulation, RMD-Structural Remodelling System, Cutera Laser and IPL, electrolysis, Amino Acid Fliaggrin-Based Antioxidants (AFAS) peels, Silkpeel Dermalinfusion, DermaRoller Collagen Induction Micro-needling, XCELLARIS PRO Hair and Scalp Therapy, FreezPen Cryotherapy, makeup application and beauty, relaxation massage, hot stone massage, body waxing and brow/lash tinting.

TIFFANIE: “I love, love, love my job — working with people, getting to know them and their skin. It’s so rewarding to witness a guests skin transformations because of my in-spa treatments and recommendations for in-spa and at-home skincare regimes.”

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