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Being able to offer our guests a luxury, yet affordable skincare line at Brooklin Laser Hair Removal Clinic & Spa was a priority. We decided to bring in Skeyndor over a year ago due to its flawless reputation, world-wide. It’s the No. 1 skincare brand in Spain and is today rated as one of the top fifteen cosmetic brands in the world. The brand is present in over 45 countries through a network of 40 international distributors. Skeyndor offers over 200 products to a variety of skin care needs and these revolutionary products are widely used in spas, professional beauty salons and homes from Canada to New Zealand.

“It is nice finding that place where you can just go and relax.” – Moises Arias

Derma Peel Pro

Deep peeling treatment for all skin types particularly for pigmentation, exfoliation and skin renewal. The new generation of cosmeceutical peels with immediate results for skin imperfections without downtime. A high concentration of actives for better efficiency and renovating performance.

Urban White

A new generation of skin lightening treatments that act directly on the melanocytes. The active ingredients are capable of reprogramming the behaviour of the melanosomes. Urban White acts simultaneously both on the skin’s blemishes caused by the sun and age, while also progressively lightening the skin’s pigment.

Power Retinol

Based on the synergy of three active ingredients that are expertly combined to obtain a unique complex with surprising results. Carefully selected due to their distinctive rejuvenating activity, their unique ability to enhance each other synergically and producing a surprising anti-aging result without side effects.

Power Hyaluronic

Balances the skin’s natural hydrodynamics, obtaining an optimum degree of hydration. Power Hyaluronic improves the natural skin hydrodynamics by combining hyaluronic acid of different molecular weights with a potent aquaporin activator.

Clear Balance

Skeyndor Clear Balance is a new line of products developed to normalize and help treat the three main causes found in oily and/or acne skin: hyperseborrhea, hyperkeratosis and infection.

Uniqcure Ampoules

A new era of personalized skincare is within your reach. The UNIQCURE ampoules boost the beauty benefits of your other beauty products with more than 35 active ingredients to achieve extraordinary results in your skin.

“She will never grow old, her heart is too beautiful.” – Nikki Rowe

One product. So many uses — this true natural skin gel helps sooth and treat most skin conditions.

Each product is specially formulated to maximize the beneficial properties of our five core natural ingredients: Aloe Vera, Tea Tree oil, Vitamin E, Witch Hazel and Rosemary. These ingredients are of great importance to us because of their multitude of healing, nurturing and restorative properties that are beneficial and effective, while gentle and soothing, for every member of the family; from the adults to children, infants and even your pets.

Nature’s Aid is an effective treatment of most skin conditions, and proud to be:
• Vegan-friendly
• Cruelty-free
• Free from Paraben
• No GMO’s
• No sulfates
• No other harsh chemicals
• Ideal for first aid, skin care and beauty care

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